Hi! I’m Jess Rigg and I’m an eco-aware travel blogger from the North of England.

Tattu restaurant, Leeds

I mainly write about travel, lifestyle and sustainable fashion + beauty. Some of my favourite posts are on organic skincare (link), and this guide to the best galleries in Paris!

I love eating vegetarian sushi with my best friend, drinking wine & travelling! Whether it’s a 30 minute train ride or a 12 hour flight.

On a beach in Nadi, Fiji after surviving my first (and last!) skydive.

I’ve previously worked with brands such as Kind Socks (ethical hosiery), The Püre Collection (certified organic skincare), The Oxygen Store (provides portable oxygen tanks to those who need it) and a Selkiesheffield look-book (jewellery).

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you’d like to keep in touch on socials, you can find me on instagram, twitter & pinterest – I’m @jessrigg_ or you can click the platform you’re looking for above and it will take you straight to my account. I’m also available for a chat via email at jessriggwrites@aol.com.

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Talk soon!

Jess x

Making a temple stamp (goshuin) book in Tokyo