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Hi & Welcome to my blog! Recently I took a day trip to Pisa from where I live, Genoa. It is definitely a must-see city but I think half a day will be long enough to see everything, especially if you’re visiting from Florence.

Getting to Pisa

Pisa is most commonly visited as a day trip from Florence but you can reach it from most cities in Italy. There are 2 main train stations in the city centre: Pisa Centrale and Pisa S. Rossore. Both are about a 10 minute walk from the main attractions. From Florence, the train takes around 1 hour and costs €8.70.

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If you fly into Pisa International Airport then you can take a train (€1.40, 5 minutes), bus (€1.10, 10 minutes), taxi (€6-10, 5 minutes) or walk (20 minutes) into the centre of town.

Things To Do, See & Eat

Kieth Haring Mural

This mural was painted in the late 90s and is on the side of a church. The mural is down a side street on the route from Pisa Centrale to the Square of miracles. It’s a fun thing to see without going too far out of your way!

Square of Miracles: The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Cathedral, The Camposanto & The Baptistery & Museums

This is definitely the most famous part of Pisa! The main attraction is, of course, the leaning tower of Pisa. You can climb to the top of the tower for €18 and you are given a time slot that you need to adhere to. It’s pretty expensive but the money goes towards the conservation of the tower and you get amazing views of Pisa and the Tuscan landscape.

Next to the tower are several other monuments that are really amazing. I visited the Cathedral (Free), Baptistery and the Camposanto. There is also the Opera del Duomo Museum which showcases art and items from the region and the cathedral.

The cost to visit depends on how many things you want to see. It’s €5 for one site, €7 for any two sites, €8 for any three sites, and €9 for all sights.

Overall, I spent an hour and a half exploring the square and in January, I didn’t have to queue at all for tickets. I suspect this is very different in the Summer months and in that case I recommend pre-buying or arriving early.

The Botanical Gardens

About a 5 minute walk from the Square of Miracles is the university’s botanical garden, said to be one of the oldest in the world. Entry is €4 and there’s also a museum which accompanies the garden. I spent just under an hour visiting the gardens and museums and then sat in the sun for an hour reading. It was a nice oasis compared to the tourist trap of the square and if there’s nice weather then it’s definitely worth a visit.

Square of Knights

Near to the Botanical Gardens and Square of Miracles is another square where you can grab a coffee and relax. They also have a flea market on the second Sunday of each month – I visited and it was full of cool and unique antiques.

Filter Coffee Lab

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab an artisan coffee or brunch, then Filter Coffee is the place for you. Only 5 minutes away from the leaning tower, it’s easy to reach. I had a tea and some avocado toast which cost €8.50 and they serve food until 3pm.

Final Thoughts

Pisa was great to visit however I don’t think you need a full day to see everything. Aside from the main square, there isn’t a lot to see or do. If you’re visiting from Florence then you’d just need the morning, and you could visit another Tuscan town in the area like Lucca.

Let me know if you have any other recommendations or what your thoughts are if you’ve visited Pisa!

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  1. Pisa is next on my travel list. Thank you for this guide – before reading this, the only attraction I knew of was the Tower! xxx

  2. I went to Pisa a few months ago. I really liked these two places

    Palazzo Blu
    An art meseum with a small permanent collection that can easily be seen in 30 minutes. There are also temporary exhibitions.

    Navi Antiche di Pisa
    This museum is built in the beautiful old Medici Arsenal. Most of what is there was discovered during construction near the Pisa railroad station. The collection includes beautiful old ships and other interesting items.

  3. I actually flew into Pisa many years ago when I was going to stay in Florence but unfortunately didn’t get around to exploring Pisa at the time. Reading this post makes me realise I’ve missed out – the Botanical Gardens sound right up my street and who can say no to a flea market!

Let me know what you think!