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The Italy Diaries #4

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. Today is #4 in my monthly series talking about what I’ve been up to during my time in Italy. If you’re new here, I’m Jess, I’m 18 and this series is a little diary of my time as an Au Pair in Genoa during my gap year.

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December’s post is a little bit earlier than usual, but I’m actually leaving Italy today to go home for 2 weeks over the festive period so I thought I’d do a little sum-up now and then go back to the normal schedule in the new year!

My Weekdays

I’ve been attending Italian lessons since mid-October so it’s been around 2 months. I really do feel like my Italian is improving and I can definitely understand a lot, but the speaking part is a lot more difficult! I’m hoping that I don’t lose too much over the Christmas break, but I think I’ll try a language learning app to keep up to it.

The weather is really hit and miss here, it can be 15°C one day and 5°C the next. I’ve been heading into the centre a little bit more and getting food with a friend which has been nice to explore the city a little more!

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Vegan Breakfast in Infusion Genova


This was quite a busy month for me in regards to visiting places on the weekends. On the 1st of December I hit up the Banksy exhibition in town which was fab, and also visited the Saint Augustine museum which was really interesting.

Banksy Genoa

The second weekend was a pretty exhausting one as I went to a sport competition with my host family to support the kids (+ visited the nearby Savona) and then on the Sunday, I headed to Milan for a day trip. I loved Milan and had the best day!

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The third weekend of the month was my last in Italy until 2020 so I had a super fun day with my friend Lauren and we went and grabbed a coffee before spending a few hours thrifting and then finished up the day with a meal, the Genoese Christmas markets and some drinks (…maybe a few more than some). My last Sunday was actually the kids’ birthday so that was really lovely and we just ate a lot of food & cake!

Reflecting on 3 months in Italy

I honestly cannot believe how quickly it’s gone! I have loved my time here and really do feel like part of the family. I’ve visited so many places in Liguria and beyond and am so excited to continue my travels & time in Italy next year.

It has, of course, been tough. Adjusting to a new lifestyle, not being able to communicate with the locals and trying to find your people in a new place is difficult but I’m getting there! In the last month I have felt really at home here and whilst being home for a few weeks will be fab, I’m looking forward to coming back to Italy in Jan!

What are your travel plans for 2020? Let me know in the comments!

See you in the new year!

Genova Christmas Tree


  1. It is hard for me to make travel plans. Only when I look back do I really realize where I have really gone.
    I have not visited Italy, but that part of the world has always held a magnet for me. 🙂

  2. Wow I love this! And I’ve heard when learning a new language that it’s easier to understand it than to talk. But I’m impressed it’s only taken you two months of lessons to even understand a lot of the language! Great post! (:

  3. What an adventure you’re on! I visited Genoa a few years ago and I absolutely loved it. And it sounds like it would be an amazing place for a year abroad! Safe travels home for the holidays!!

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