10 Sustainable Instagrammers You Should Follow

Hello & welcome to my blog! Today I’m shouting out some of my favourite sustainable content creators on Instagram. These guys are all producing amazing things surrounding eco-living and I would urge you to check them out no matter what stage you’re at in your eco-journey. Just a little plug for my Instagram too, which focuses on travel & sustainability and can be found here: @jessrigg_ and I guess is the first one on this list! Now, onto those sustainable instagrammers you should follow…

Besma is the founder of Ethical Influencers and she writes the blog Curiously Conscious. Besma’s Instagram is full of tips on ethical and sustainable fashion, jewellery, accessory and beauty brands. Besma also hosts a clothing swap called Haulternativecloset and is an all-round champion for eco-aware living.

Hannah is a blogger, vlogger & igtv-er who creates the most beautiful content focusing on slow & sustainable travel. Hannah’s photography is truly stunning and will encourage you to get out into nature!

Thuha has such an aesthetically pleasing grid and each travel post has a great caption relating to sustainability & the planet. If you’re looking to learn about eco-living whilst looking at pretty pictures, then Thuha’s your gal!

Venetia is probably someone you’ve heard of before but if not, then she’s a slow fashion & plant based queen! Follow Venetia for all your anti-fast fashion, vegan recipes and going offline at the weekend needs.

Keti from Self Care Sustainably posts about exploring the various eco-friendly options when practising self-care. If you’re wanting to learn more about living sustainably whilst taking care of your wellbeing, then check out Keti’s account.

If you need some positivity, eco-facts and a remedy to any environmental anxiety you’re facing then follow the Ethical Cheerleader! Each photo is inspiring and education. Ethical Cheerleader’s accound is great for sustainable living beginners and veterans – anyone that needs a little boost!

Bethany is all about those things you can do everyday to be more ethical and sustainable. Bethany is a self-proclaimed ‘Imperfect Eco Warrior’ which is a concept I adore. Nobody is perfect but if you want to take a step in the right direction then follow Bethany!

Chelsea from lowwaste.plantbased is a climate and anti-oil & gas activist who lives a sustainable lifestyle. If you’re looking for easy ways to become more eco-friendly through fashion, products, food & practises, then be sure to check out Chelsea’s instagram and blog which has so many low waste and ethical living tips.

If you’re more interested in slow, secondhand & ethical fashion with the occasional bit eco-friendly skincare content then be sure to follow Sam’s account. Sam features her amazing thrifted outfits and I’m excited to see how she gets on next year with only buying pre-loved items.

I hope this was useful to you and you can find some amazing sustainable instagrammers to follow. Let me know your favs in the comments! Bye for now x

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  2. This is amazing, my Instagram is literally just foodie accounts and some other bloggers I know and I’ve been looking to branch out and make it a little more inspiring again. I don’t follow any of these so thank you for the suggestions, I’ll be checking them out properly tomorrow x


  3. I’m rather ashamed to say that I don’t follow any of these instagrammers (including you although I have just rectified that!) but their feeds (and ethos) look wonderful so thank you for the recommendations, I shall certainly be checking them out 🙂 Lisa x

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