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Welcome to my blog! This year I’m going to be doing the ’12 days of Blogmas’ where I upload a new post from the 12th to the 24th of December. Today’s is about eco-friendly gift giving! If you need some inspiration for some last minute gifts and want to have a more sustainable holiday season, then keep reading…

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Gift an Experience

There are so many things that aren’t physical that you can gift; and this is my favourite of them! It can be a meal, a holiday, a ceramics class or a few hours doing something totally different – like indoor skydiving! It’s a fun way to spend time together without any materialistic goods. It’s also a great way to support local artisans or independent restaurants.

Inspiration: Air Bnb Experiences is a great way to find something to do in your area while supporting local people. You can get £9 off of your first expereince if you sign up by clicking here*. If you’re local to Leeds, check out Today Studio. They have super fun creating workshops!

Buy Something They Actually Need

You could ask for a list if you’d like to keep their gift a surprise, but buying something they need and will definitely use means that less things are being wasted and left to sit on a shelf!

Find Something Vintage or Second-Hand

Whether clothing, books, jewellery or quirky nic-nacs you can find pretty much anything vintage or second-hand. Visit your local charity shops for some inspo or check out online market places such as depop or ebay.

Make a Donation in Their Name

What do you get the person that has everything? An age old question that can be solved by giving to someone else! Find out what cause is close to their heart and make a donation. You can also adopt an animal or buy a goat for a family. Also a fab gift idea for kids!

Inspiration: A Global Giving Gift Card so they can choose their own charity or Adopt an animal with WWF

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Buy Ethical & Sustainable Products

If you need to buy something new, then try to make it ethical & sustainable. A great tool is Good On You where you can search brands and see a run-down of their values and initiatives.

Buy from Independent Retailers

Support Independent and Local makers! You can do this through buying their products, a gift card or a workshop they might be running.

Inspiration: Find something on Etsy or check out this Sustainable Jewellery from Toke.

Make Their Present Yourself

Some ideas include…

Send Online Christmas Cards

Whilst hand written notes can be nice, so much waste is generated from Christmas cards. Paperless Post kindly gifted me some credits for their store (there was no obligation to post – I just think it’s a great way to reduce the Christmas waste!). They have a bunch of occasions and it’s super easy to personalise and send the online cards. The designs are so pretty too – you’re really not compromising on style!

I hope you found this useful! Let me know your best eco-friendly gift ideas or what you’re doing to have a more sustainable Christmas this year!

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  1. I love the idea of gifting an experience, I’ve been trying to figure out what to gift my neighbor and gifting an experience seems like a fun idea! It can be anything from a meal to a class – so many options. I love Vintage things, shopping for them is really fun because everything always looks so aesthetic.

    OHH I like the idea of making a donation on behalf of someone! Choosing a cause that’s close to their heart and donating in their name seems like such a perfect gift.

    Good On You is such a great app – there’s a lot of selection for ethical and sustainable products which is great because there’s something for every price range!

    Supporting local/independent retailers yes!!! I love supporting small businesses!

    Any gift that DIY is the best one because it shows you’ve put so much thought into it – I think I may just make a candle for my neighbor now that you mention it!


    1. Love all of this! Yes homemade gifts are such a cute way to show someone you care without having to spend all the ££ – hope your neighbor likes their gift!

  2. such great ideas! I always think about the amount of waste produced at christmas time, these are great ways that you can limit this without the quality of gift suffering. In most cases my favourite things are experiences – it’s like two presents in one and a lovely memory to keep 🙂

    Hayley || hayleyxmartin

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