The Harbour of Nervi


Hi! Welcome to the October edition of The Italy Diaries! You can read September’s here, which also includes more info about the series!

My Weekdays

As the temperatures have dropped to below 15º (which feels much colder than it sounds), we’re generally driving to school instead of walking, which is a pretty nice arrangement. I have been doing my Italian class for a month now, which is twice a week for 2 hours. I’m really enjoying the class! The people attending are lovely, even though the only language we have in common is Italian so it’s very much immersive learning. It’s a tricky language, but hearing it all the time does help speed up the process.

My Weekend Travels

On the first Saturday of the month, I met up with some other au pair’s and walked around the centre of Genoa before catching a train to Nervi, a costal town in the east of the city. It’s a really cute harbour and has a costal path with great views – there is also a great gelato shop!

The Harbour of Nervi

With the next weekend came a visit to Chiavari and Sestri Levante. I went to Chavari for the flea market that runs on the second weekend of the month, and it was amazing. The market span several streets and squares and had everything you could ever need. I also paid a visit to the botanical gardens. In the afternoon, I took the train to Sestri Levante which is another great town near the beach and wandered around with a passionfruit gelato (a theme seems to be emerging…).

  • Chiavari's Botanical Gardens
  • Chiavari's Flea Market

The third weekend was spent in Florence, which you can read about here.

I also spent a Saturday visiting Rapallo, Portofino & Santa Margherita which are all small towns on the Italian Rivera. Portofino was so beautiful and I would say to avoid the restaurants on the seafront and walk a tiny bit into town to eat at the Trattoria Concorde – slightly cheaper and fab food!


From October 25th to November 4th there was a Science Festival in the city which we spent a few days at with the kids. It was all in Italian but my host mum translated/I understood most of what was going on and it was really fun, for the adults and the kids!

How Au Pairing is Going

I feel like I’m really getting into the routine and swing of daily life. I really would recommend au pairing to anyone who wants to learn a language, experience a new culture and travel easily. I’m learning to have a lot more patience as well as a lot about childcare, and children themselves. Once again, if you have any tips, advice or questions – please let me know in the comments!


November & Beyond..

So thats it for October! In November, I’m heading to Turin for a weekend and hope to explore more areas of Genova.

You can find more regular updates on Instagram @jessrigg_ or at #theitalydiaries. Let me know any reccomendations you have for travelling in Italy in the comments below! Ciao.

20 thoughts on “THE ITALY DIARIES #2

  1. Ah this honestly sounds like you’re living the dream. Au Pairing sounds like such a great way to travel and learn skills at the same time. And you’re doing it in such a beautiful location! x


  2. I’ve always though Au-Pairing was an awesome concept and idea. My friend in college did it in France and she absolutely love it. I’m glad it’s going well! I’m planning my January Italy trip and I’m wicked excited!

  3. Oh wow I’m super jealous – Nervi looks absolutely beautiful & a gelato shop sounds perfect too. I think learning another language is such a good thing to do. I did try learning French but I got a new job and it went on the back burner but I should deffo start again x

    1. It’s such a beautiful place! I speak French as a second language and I love it so much…does make learning Italian harder due to the difference in pronunciation though! Hope you can pick it back up xx

  4. Great post Jess! I had no idea that being an Au Pair could open up so many doors and enable you to travel as well which sounds incredible and rewarding both personally and professionally. It’s nice to hear that you’re settling in to a routine and learning a lot at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing – looking forward to keeping up to date with your adventures xx

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