What To Consider When Travelling With A Muslim

This is Humaira from Simplyhumaira.com and I’m going to be chatting about what to consider when travelling with a Muslim. You can read Jess’ guest post about travel beauty essentials over on my blog, by clicking here.

Congratulations! You know or are travelling with a Muslim!

This person could be a friend, a Partner or a Colleague but here’s what you need to know when travelling with a Muslim.

Being Muslim all my life is an advantage in that I’ve been travelling since I was 5 years old.

While I still don’t know how to pack, I definetly know how to travel while Muslim.

Here’s what you need to know to make travelling with a Muslim easier.

We Pray 5 Times A Day

You may have learned this during Religious Education or you may not have, but for the many practicing Muslims stopping at different times of day to offer prayers is very important.

It’s time to slow down, reflect and recharge.

Usually it only takes 5 minutes as travellers have a cut down prayer quantity than Muslims not travelling for most prayers, but we will need to find a toilet to cleanse our bodies before prayer.

This doesn’t mean a full on shower every time, more like ritual washing of hands, face, arms and feet to ensure we are clean for prayers.

We eat Halal and if that’s not available we eat Vegetarian

Halal simply means permissible and what’s Halal and what’s not is written in the Quran, Islam’s Holy Book.

This means no Pork, Alcohol, Shellfish and anything not slaughtered in Almighty Allah’s name by a practising Muslim.

When travelling to a Non-Muslim country it’s unlikely we’ll find food that is Halal although in my experience, usually you’ll find a Turkish Kebab place or Indian Restaurant somewhere that is Halal.

It’s one of life’s guarantees.

Until then we eat vegetarian or fish.

Random Security Checks

We’re going to get pulled aside for random security checks more often than not.

Another fact of life in the current political climate.

Sorry if it makes you late.

That’s why we insist on getting to the airport early.

Mosques, Mosques and more Mosques

Muslims usually try to find the local Mosques especially for men who are obliged to offer Friday Prayers in congregation.

Apart from the Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia my favourite Mosque is the one in Paris as it features the most amazing gardens and is so peaceful.

Muslims and Non-Muslims alike are welcome and Mosques have the most beautiful architecture so expect to stop off in the local mosque if you’re travelling with a Muslim.

Muslims love a Selfie

Yes, just like everyone else, we love a Selfie.

OK, I love a Selfie and I try my best to make sure I take at least one wherever I travel to because what’s the point of travelling if you don’t take a selfie to mark the occasion!

When travelling in Malta recently, we did The Rolling Geeks tour around the 3 cities our car had an in-built Selfie function which we very much utilised!

And that’s it!

Travelling as or with a muslim is pretty much like travelling with anyone else.

It just requires a little bit of forward planning and research with regards to prayer timings and finding Halal food but other than that, it’s pretty much the same!

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