10 Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly

Hi Guys! Today Iโ€™m going to be talking about a few ways to be eco-friendly.!

1. Resusable Products:

A super easy one that I know a lot of people already do is have a reusable travel mug, water bottle or bags. I like the Chilli’s Bottles which can be used for hot and cold drinks, and I have various tote bags that I put my shopping in instead of needing to use plastic shopping bags.

2. Public Transport:

Use more public transport is one that people are probably less open to but can make an impact. You can read more stats and info about why you should use public transport here, but simply put it increases fuel efficiency and reduces air pollution and traffic congestion.

3. Shop Seasonally:

Eating products that are in season supports the local economy, reduces the emissions and energy required in growing and transporting the food. You can check out Eat The Seasons for more information and to see what’s currently in season.

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4. Eat Less Meat:

Agriculture creates as many greenhouse gas emissions as planes, cars and trucks combined. Even going meatless for a few meals a week is enought to help the environement.

5. Avoid Fast Fashion:

Fast Fashion involves cheap, low quality and a quick manufacturing process that can react to the lates trends and runways. You can read more details about the industry here, over on The Good Trade. Try to shop second-hand or from retailers who use sustainable materials and production methods.

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6. Air-drying Instead of Tumble-drying:

Tumble dryers use electricity to generate heat which is a major waste of energy. For 200 loads, switching to a washing line/clothes rack instead of a dryer can save nearly half a tonne of CO2e (source).

7. Have a Single Use Cotton Free Bathroom:

According to WWF it takes 20,000 Litres of water to produce a kilogram of cotton (aka a t-shirt – which you’d use a lot more than a single use cotton pad). The pesticides sprayed on the cotton also effect the local areas through the soil and water supplies. Some alternatives are to use organic cotton pads but they’re still very wasteful, I think the best option is to use resusable bamboo pads. You can shop those here.

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8. Go Paperless:

Contact your bank and ask to receive online statements. You can also request digital receipts when shopping and download any tickets onto your phone instead of printing them off.

9. Buy loose produce, and naked toiletries:

This helps to reduce how much plastic is being wasted. You can use paper bags, or specific produce bags (like these) as containers for the non-packaged produce. In regards to toiletries, Lush generally has the most accessible and popular plastic-free products – learn more about the iniative here.

10. Take Action:

Volunteer, Donate & Speak out! Use your time to help the planet. You can take part in marches, volunteer for charities, donate to plant trees or for sustainable energy problems and use your social media to promote the cause.

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  1. I can’t manage public transport – but I don’t personally drive (I had to give up because of some meds I’m on) and I walk everywhere I can instead, only getting a lift when I have to go out of town for appointments.

    Eating seasonally is amazing, and getting food from a market if you’re able to really helps too.

  2. This is such an important thing to raise awareness about so thank you! Iโ€™m trying to become more eco friendly and Iโ€™ll definitely keep these tips in mind x

  3. Some great tips, there definitely needs to be more awareness on how we can help the planet as many people are still unaware! I’ve been making a conscious effort to reduce my meat consumption.

    – Charlotte / myownblogofthoughts.blogspot.com

  4. Some really good ideas here – itโ€™s so important these days! I have cut down the meat I eat ALOT & hope to go meat free soon. Xxx

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