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Hi Guys! Today I’m going to be chatting about Gallivant Perfume, and why their products are the perfect travel perfumes! Most importantly, the perfumes are cruelty free and vegan and the company is aware about it’s impact on the environment. This is why Gallivant selects the materials it uses with the planet in mind. They are a small company and have a people-first viewpoint, which I think is great! The perfumes are gender-neutral and made in Europe, with love.

Gallivant Perfume Logo. Fragarance for urban explorers.

The Products

I was gifted the Nomad Set contains 6, 2ml bottles of most of the scents that Gallivant has to offer. The Nomad Set is £25 (+ free shipping!) and You can then redeem £25 off a full size (30ml, £65) bottle. You can also purchase a smaller sampler set with 4, 2ml bottles (£18) or purchase the samples individually (£4.50).

Brooklyn perfume by Gallivant. Black and White

The Travels

I visited Fiji and Japan this summer and I was away for 6 weeks. This meant I had to fit everything in my backpack and handluggage with an already dangerously full clear bag for my liquids. The 2ml sample bottles were perfect for when I was travelling. They really took up no space so I could put them in either bag. It also meant I had some choice in what perfume I was wearing. The ability to take several different scents meant that I could match the scent to my mood, clothing or itinerary. I believe that scent is so important in memory and so I change perfumes when I travel to a new place. So when I smell that particular scent, it triggers the memories of that trip and I am transported back!

London perfume by Gallivant

My Thoughts

The perfumes were created with travel in mind, and each one is named and made around a specific city. All the bottles are below the 100ml handluggage liquid limit if you’re flying and so are easily taken abroad. Honestly I liked all the samples however my favourite scents were Brooklyn and London. I do think that there is a scent for everyone (you can read the notes and descriptions for each scent on the website). The perfumes found that they had a pretty long staying power, and you don’t loose the scent after 10 minutes like so perfumes!

I hope you’ll check out Gallivant’s Travel Perfume for when you’re next travelling, or perhaps if you want a reminder of your favourite city! You can find them on Instagram here, or their website here. Whats your favourite perfume or scent? Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. I read it somewhere once, and now I do it always! I would totally recommend, and with the small bottles available to buy – it can be done without breaking the bank! x

    1. It’s super important to me that everything I wear/own is cruelty free so I was super stoked to find these! And them being vegan is a +! Hope you like them xx

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