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Hi guys! Today I’m going to be giving you some advice on how to stay healthy whilst travelling, whether you’re going to France or Fiji!

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Here in the UK, we can get some vaccinations for free on the NHS, but some more specialised ones require private travel clinics. Around 8 weeks before you travel, you can check the fitfortravel website for what vaccinations they recommend. You can also so if you can get them free via the NHS. Make sure to take advantage of the free ones! However you do need to weigh up your options for the vaccinations which you would need to pay for. Once you’ve made the decisions, ring up you GP practice or local travel clinic and book in for the vaccinations.

Travel insurance

One of the most important things you can do is get travel insurance just in case you get ill abroad. Whilst it may be tempting to skip the upfront charge and take a risk, it’s really not worth it. The costs can be extortionate! If you’re an EU citizen, you can also get a free EHIC card which gives you certain healthcare for free in Europe. It’s certainly worth looking up to see if you’re eligible.

First Aid Kit

Make up a tin or wash-bag of essentials like antihistamines, tea tree oil, oral rehydration tablets and blister plasters. Obviously it depends on the place you’re going as to how extensive your first aid kit is. In general – you can’t go wrong with the basics!

General Travel Tips

Using your common sense is the general consensus here, however some key things to remember are:

  • Drink bottled water and be aware of water on salads or in drinks as ice cubes.
  • Use insect repellent! If recommended for the area you’re travelling then use a mosquito net.
  • Wear sunscreen in hot climates to prevent sunburn, and wear a hat to avoid sun stroke.

Other medical necessities

Perhaps you have medication that you take everyday, in which case you should check that it’s not a controlled drug in the place you’re travelling to. Some medications require a doctors note or prescription to travel with, and if you cannot live without the medication it’s also important to carry a prescription in case you need to refill whilst travelling.

Another thing you might need to consider if you have certain requirements is travelling with oxygen. After getting clearance from a medical professional, you can use the oxygen store to fulfil your portable oxygen needs whether you’re travelling by bus, plane, train or car.

I hope this blog post helped you think about the steps you need to take when planning your next trip including how to stay healthy whilst travelling, in regards to your health! Let me know your top travel tips to stay healthy below!

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Bye for now.

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