Must Have Travel Apps

Hi Guys, welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to be chatting about the best travel apps to use when you’re already away, or planning your next holiday!

The Basics

  • Google Translate! This is such an obvious one but also super important. Whether it’s to ask for directions or to understand the menu. The best feature is that the app can just translate text straight from a picture.
  • Google Maps is another must have. When I’m on holiday, I use maps all the time to get from place to place. It’s also great for when you’re planning, as you can save places you want to go into lists. It’s an easy and simple way to start your itinerary.
  • Transport Planners are vital if you’re going to a big city. I’ve used this app for London, and this one for Paris. It just makes navigating the tube/metro so much easier. You can plan ahead, or on the go. Using these app just cut out all the standing around in front of maps trying to figure the system out!

Itinerary Planning + Booking

  • Google Trips is a great app to input all your hotel, travel and excursion bookings in one place. You can also see recommendations of things to do based off of your interests and put them in a list too. It goes hand in hand with google maps in regards to planning where you want to go, and how you can get there.
  • AirBnB is really good for booking ‘experiences’ which range from walking tours to having dinner in a natives home. I’ve booked a few experiences for my up coming holiday to Japan with them and have found the process really easy. There is always great communication and they create a mini itinerary for you based off of your active bookings per city. You can click here to sign up and earn £25 booking credit*.
  • Lonely Planet Guides is fab for planning your itinerary as they have a bunch of city guides available. You can download them for free to help kickstart your planning!
  • Airline apps are useful if the people you’re flying with have them (I currently have the British Airways + Ryanair ones downloaded). They make viewing your booking and making basic changes quick and simple.

Travel Currency and Budgeting

  • Revolut is 10/10 the card that I would recommend for travelling abroad! It’s easy to control from your phone and you can exchange currency at good rates with the touch of a button. It’s also really easy to track your spending and to budget. You can take out £200 worth of currency a month free of charge, and there’s no exchange fee when paying by card abroad. If you sign up by clicking here you waive the £5 fee for getting your visa debit card and instead get one for free*!
  • Google Sheets is what I use to plan by travel budget and to keep on top of it. I prefer it to excel or numbers because I can access it from anywhere by signing into my google account. It’s really useful to have a spreadsheet of all the costs you know about, and helps you to plan for any surprises along the way.

Finding Flights and Accommodation

  • has a convenient app where you can find and book all types of accommodation easily. I’ve booked about 8 places of accommodation through them so far, and they’ve all been great. Your itinerary is really easy to view and make changes to and I would totally recommend booking with them. When or Wherever you’re going! You can use my affiliate link by clicking here, if you’d like*.
  • Sky Scanner, Kayak and Hopper are also really useful for finding cheap flights when you’re on a budget. You can set alerts so that you are getting the cheapest price they can find, or just browse for some inspiration.
  • Alongside booking experiences, AirBnB also has accommodation that you can book through the app. My favourite feature is making lists for each city and saving the houses and experiences you like, so you can gather some major inspo for your trip. Click here to sign up for £25 credit*!

I hope that you found this post useful and have found some new travel apps to use for your next holiday! Let me know in the comments any other travel apps you recommend, or if you have any experiences using the ones above.

If you’d like to read my step by step guide to booking a holiday then click here, or if you fancy some tips for packing on a budget then you can find those here.

Bye for now!

*any links marked with an Asterix are affiliate links meaning that I may earn a percentage back if you make a purchase or booking, however this is at no extra cost to you.

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  1. You said everything right and a lot of them I am having, but I am still thinking about Revolut… I can’t decide what to do. Try it or not? There are so many good reviews but do I truly need it when almost everywhere in Europe are EURO. What would you say?

    1. I’m living in Italy at the moment, and Revolut is a lifesaver! I just transfer from my british account and convert to euros – I’m not the biggest cash user. I think for convenience I love it. It’s also easy when you then leave Europe. I’d say it’s worth it and if you don’t, then nothing lost!

  2. Google maps is the best! I use it for every trip! It is my go to for travel and then usually the airline app for who I’m flying with. I need to look into some of these others that you mentioned!

  3. Google Map is a lifesaver! I can’t imagine having to navigate Japan train system just solely relying on the paper map. The map looks confusing as hell lol

  4. Love this Jess! Super useful, as I haven’t used a few of these before so will deffo check out. Not sure what I’d do without & google maps! We also used whilst away as we’d download the map and put our own pins on, but it also had popular tourist spots other users have pinned on that google misses – like caves and viewpoints. I’d recommend!

    Char ✈ x

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