Kind Socks: A Brand You Should Be Supporting

Hi Guys, and welcome to my blog! Recently I had a chat with Stephen Steele from about the brand’s products, ethos and why you should be supporting Kind Socks!

Kind socks is an ethical, fun and affordable brand which allows people to help the environment by making a small swap. The company’s aim is to make people aware of their clothing choices and their impact on the world.

I spoke to Stephen Steele, the founder of Kind Socks, about the brand and how it keeps ethical!

The Materials:

The socks are made of 85% organic cotton that is certified by the Global Organic Textile  (GOT) standard, (and 2% elastane and 13% Nylon). They are also keen to make sure that everyone in the supply chain is paid a fair wage. Stephen believes this should be the industry standard and that the fashion world needs to stop exploiting workers and the environment. We should instead be caring for each other, and the world we live in.

So why should you support organic cotton?

The use of organic cotton is so important. Cotton that is not organically grown uses lots of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. Organically grown cotton uses beneficial insects, compost and aims to protect the soil, air, biodiversity, water and the workers ( 20% of freshwater pollution comes from the textile industry (! Products such as Kind Socks’s socks, which carry the GOT certification have not been grown organically. The certification means they have also been processed organically. This means that the dyes and treatments meet certain standards and are prevented from contributing to the water pollution that is currently occurring.

My favourite thing about Kind Socks, beside the funky patterns, is their mindset. I can see the passion that Stephen has for sustainability. I think that this really shines through in their branding.

kind socks product image

How the brand helps others:

For starters, Kind Socks are giving 5% of their first collection’s profits to Ocean Conservancy . The charity is developing innovative solutions to reduce the volume of rubbish that end up in the oceans. Their main goal it to help marine animal’s live a plastic-free life! The packaging is 100% compostable (made of corn starch and printed with soy-based ink). I also think it’s great how their spring look book is diverse (in regard to ethnicity and gender) and they truly want to make a difference: starting with something we all wear. Socks!

In regards to the actual socks, I was gifted two pairs and can confirm they are very comfy! They arrived in their compostable mailing bag, which I loved. I think this really shows that the company wants to promote change.

kind socks packaging

So, why should you support this brand? I think that by making a small sustainable change, such as your socks, you can start your journey to a more ethical wardrobe, and life! Support small brands. Especially those who focus on representing the world truthfully, who have environmentally friendly packaging and make ethical choices in their product’s production.

You can check out the website here, let me know your favourite design in the comments below, or on social media!

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