Tips For Transitioning Into Summer

Hey guys and welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to be giving some tips on transitioning into summer as is is soon upon us!

Number One:

It’s time to swap over your wardrobe from winter clothes like jumpers and jackets to lighter, more appropriate clothing for warmer weather! During the spring months, the day can be cold in the morning and then develop into a beautiful, sunny day so instead of wearing a jumper. Try and layer up to avoid being stuck in the heat with no escape!

Number Two:

Buy a reusable water bottle. You should be drinking 2litres a day, especially when it’s hot outside. This way you can stay hydrated and help the environment! I use a chilly’s water bottle as it’s interchangeable between hot and cold drinks and they have a fab range of colours/patterns. My current favourite is this neon green one.

Number Three:

Consider changing up your skincare routine by adding SPF moisturiser into the mix on a morning. Even if it’s not sunny enough for you to need suncream all over, you should be wearing it on your face to protect from sun damage. I recommend the simple SPF30 day cream that you can shop here*!

Finally, we are currently in the middle of hayfever season; as a long-time sufferer and I sometimes find that tablets don’t always help and so I recently tried HayMax*. HayMax is a balm that traps pollen/dust and I found that it worked really well. I also like that it’s an organic alternative to taking medication – that actually works! You can shop on or find it at local retailers like Boots or Holland and Barret.

I hope that you found these tips useful as you’re preparing for the summer months!

HayMax Product Image
HayMax is a balm which helps to prevent hay fever – a great tip for the summer months!

disclaimer: links marked * are affiliate links. HayMax was gifted to me however I am not being paid to promote the product.

Let me know what you think!

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