Hi, welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to be chatting about certified organic vs organic skincare and beauty and what they actually are, in partnership with the PÜRE collection.

The PÜRE collection is a selection of oils and serums that are certified organic and use pure and high quality ingredients. The PÜRE Collection is certified by the Soil Association/COSMOS standard and is a member of PETA, Cruelty Free International, Beauty without Bunnies and the Natural Ingredient Resource Centre. For me, these certifications are so useful as it means I know that the products are cruelty free, as well as being organically produced and processed. The oils are sustainable sourced and use non-GMO, natural ingredients. The oils are also free from artificial chemicals, sulphates and parabens. I think that it’s important to be informed about what you’re putting on your skin and PÜRE’s website helps to educate their customers on why you should shop organic!

Products are certified organic by the Soil Association when the meet the appropriate guidelines (which can be viewed here) and their aim is to prevent greenwashing and the casual use and labelling of organic. There are currently no legal standards when it comes to labelling beauty products organic (meaning that a product containing 1% organic ingredients can be labelled as organic – this is obviously rather misleading to the general public!). The certification by the Soil association requires that the whole production of the product is to a high standard, without the use of certain synthetic ingredients. Make sure to differentiate between ‘organic’ and ‘certified organic’ as whilst there may be a price difference, your skin and the environment will thank you!

I was kindly gifted some products from the PÜRE Collection, including their Prickly Pear Cactus Serum. The oil is sourced from Morocco and is cold-pressed using a technique cultivated by a Moroccan family. The Prickly Pear oil contains 150% more vitamin E than Argan oil does, and is quickly becoming a much superior replacement for use on skin and hair. My favourite thing about this product, other than it’s refreshing and hydrating affect on skin is that a percentage of the proceeds are donated to Education For All, a charity which helps to provide girls in rural Morocco with an education. I took the serum with me to Greece and found that it helped to smooth out and re-hydrate my skin after spending a few hours in the hot sun, without feeling thick or suffoctating on the skin. It also has a lovely light smell and comes in such an aesthetically pleasing bottle, that looks perfect on a dressing table!

I was also gifted some Argan oil, which is what I usually use to smooth down my somewhat frizzy hair. The PÜRE collection’s Argan oil is, of course, made using organic ingredients and is sourced from Morocco. I found that whilst I preferred the affects of the Prickly Pear Cactus Serum on my face, the Argan oil worked wonders for preventing frizz and giving my hair some rehydration. If you’ve got curly, wavy or dry hair I would recommend trying the Argan oil (or even if you just want to add more gloss or shine).

I hope that this post has been useful and helped you realise the different between certified organic and organic skincare products! Did you realise there was a difference? How will this impact the way you shop for skincare? Let me know in the comments!

Bye for now!

Disclaimed: This post contains gifted products. 



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