Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I’m going to be chatting you through my trip to Greece, which included visits to Athens, Delphi, Olympia and Nafplio. It was pretty jam packed and museum fatigue became a thing very quickly but would overall 10/10 recommend. The food, weather and adorable animals made the week totally worth the questionable hotels and exhaustion!


After an early morning flight, we arrived in Athens International Airport before travelling to our hotel, Athens Hotel Iniohos*. The hotel is a 3* and was reasonable. It was situated really well for transport to the various sites in Athens, and there were some shops local but I would recommend either catching the metro elsewhere or eating inside of the hotel as there were not very many restaurants around.


After breakfast at the hotel, we walked to the National Archeological Museum and spent a few hours there – make sure look out for the small ancient hedgehog statues! I would also recommend grabbing a coffee at the museum cafe and enjoying it in the gardens.


We then walked to Monastiraki Square, where visited the Ancient Agroa before having lunch at the cutest restaurant! We walked down the street towards the Athenian flea market before turning off towards the agora museum and sat down to eat there. I had a greek salad which was great, and then we headed to Da Vinci Ice cream which I would also 10/10 recommend!



This morning we headed to the Pnyx, then over to the Acropolis to join the crowds at the most iconic place in Athens. We grabbed lunch and then went to the Acropolis museum in the afternoon (the chocolate cake was fab). 



Today was our last day in Athens, and we watched the Changing of the Guard at the Greek parliament and then visited the Roman Forum before heading back to Monastriaki Square for some shopping. We grabbed some lunch and then went to the flea market where I made a few interesting purchases, including a painting of Mykonos and a tiny wooden ornament with an orthodox saint on it. After lunch, we headed to Delphi. A few hours later, we arrived at our hotel which was lovely! We stayed at the Art Pythia* which had great views and was in the perfect position to explore the town.


After a wander around, some souvenir shopping and a peach ice tea overlooking the mountains we had a great dinner and then headed to bed.



In the morning we headed to the site at Delphi and then travelled on to Olympia in the afternoon.



Today we went to Olympia and explored the ancient site and the museum before departing to Tolo and spending the afternoon at the beach. In Tolo we stayed in The King Minos*  hotel which was pretty nice, with amazing views.



After breakfast, we visited Mycenae, Tiryns and then the theatre at Epidaurus which was amazing to see! We then spent the evening in Tolo for our last night and did a bit of shopping (would recommend Mary’s Treasures, it was the sweetest shop ever!) before heading back to the hotel.



Our last day! We headed to the nearby Venetian castle before travelling on to Nafplio for lunch.


The museum was small but nice, and there were plenty of places to eat and shop in the old town which was lovely. We then drove a few hours to the airport and headed back to Manchester!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Greece, and if you have any recommendations for places to visit then do comment below! You can see some more pictures on my insta over at @jessrigg_

This post does not contain any paid advertisements or gifted products however it may contain affiliate links which are marked with a *. This means I may earn a commission from any purchase at no extra cost to you. 




3 thoughts on “GREECE TRAVEL DIARY

  1. Ahh, I love Greece! Looks like you had a great time, there’s so much to see and do there and so much history. You fit a lot in!

    Charlotte | x

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