Hi Guys, welcome to my blog! Today i’m going to be chatting about my top 5 tips for packing, whether it’s for a weekend away or a month’s backpacking.

First piece of advice – make a list. I cannot stress this enough! It will help you streamline the process and hopefully prevent overpacking. Look at weather forecasts and your itinerary to pack as appropriately as possible, and if you’re going for a lot time then remember that you can always wash your clothes.

Following on from this, pack a spare bag for dirty clothes. My suitcase comes with a built in one that can be folded away however I would recommend buying one if you don’t already have one. It makes it easier when you get home, as you can just put all the stuff you need to wash in the wash without having to sort through all your clothes. Another thing to consider is a waterproof bag for swimming costumes that you don’t have time to dry.

Thirdly, pack your toiletries in waterproof bags or wrap them in sandwich bags to try and minimise any damage that could occur with any leakage. You could also buy products in your destination to save packing space if you’re going for quite a while.

A product that I’ve found super helpful for organising my suitcase is packing cubes. You can either sort by outfits or type of clothing, whichever works best for you. It helps you keep everything in it’s place and will make it much easier to pack away at the end of the trip, instead of the frantic throwing everything in and hoping the case will shut!

Finally, if you’re someone who likes to unpack at your destination, then Janger’s hangers are for you! They’re super lightweight and compact, and we’ve all experienced getting to a hotel, hostel or apartment and there being, like, two coat hangers in the wardrobe, which is where janger comes in! You can clip the hangers to your clothes and then just hang them up straight away, or you can save them for when you get there to maximise suitcase space. You can shop them here* at £4.50 for 20!

I hope this was useful – let me know your packing tips in the comments below!

Bye for now.

disclaimer: products marked * are gifted


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