Hello and welcome to my blog! In todays post, I’m going to be discussing the makeup products I use regularly and whether they are cruelty free or not. I’ve tried to include as much information as possible. I hope that you find it useful! I also want to say that I believe that you should finish your products before re-buying a cruelty free/vegan alternative as to not waste it.

here is a great resource you can use for searching if brands are cruelty free or not. 

Firstly, I currently use the smash-box photo-finish primer which is cruelty free in the UK. Unfortunately they are owned by Estee Lauder and this brand sells in China. To sell products in China, it’s a legal requirement to test on animals. This means that the company is still choosing money over animal welfare. Due to this, once my tube has finished, I’ll be replacing it with a cruelty free alternative. Please let me know your recommendations!

If I then decide to wear foundation, I use the NYX HD finish foundation in sand beige. NYX itself is cruelty free and PETA endorsed however it is owned by L’oreal who does sell products in China. I’m on the lookout for a more full-coverage foundation for after this one has run out. Let me know if you have any cruelty free and vegan recommendations!

Nyx Cruelty Free Makeup

In regards to eye makeup I use glossier’s boy brow and lash slick mascara. Glossier is cruelty-free and doesn’t sell their products in China. I would totally recommend their skincare products too! You can click here for 10% off Glossier*. Some other mascaras that I have in my makeup bag are from Clinique and Benefit which are both cruelty free in the UK. However they do sell their products in China. This means I won’t be re-purchasing those products after they’ve run out. If I want a more full look on my brows, I sometimes use this powder from HD Brows who are cruelty free and do not sell their products in China. When I’m feeling fancy, I use this eyeliner from Doucce which is cruelty free and not available to buy in China. 

Glossier Cruelty Free Makeup

I also use Glossier’s cloud paint in Puff for blush, and this powder highlighter from Illamasque who is cruelty free and doesn’t sell their products in China. Sometimes I use this  Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid highlight which is also cruelty free. If I use contour, I use this bronzer from HD Brows (cruelty free — see above). 

Finally, I use a few lip products. I use the glossier balm dot com for my lip balm. In regards to lipstick, my favourite is this palette from Rouje which is cruelty free. I also have a few lipsticks from MAC and Lipstick Queen which are cruelty free in the UK. Although I won’t be re-buying them due to the companies selling their products in China. 

I hope this is useful to anyone who is trying to start using cruelty free products and gives you some swaps you can make. 

Please let me know any cruelty-free products or brands that you recommend in the comments below. 

I also have a post on organic skincare, if you’d like to read that you can click here.

Bye for now! 

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