A Valentines Day Gift Guide For Everyone

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’ve compiled a list of things that you can buy for the people you love this valentines day and so this isn’t just for your significant other, but also for anyone who you care about and want to show that too. Now, onwards with the Valentines day gift guide.

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I’ve divided the products into categories which hopefully helps you navigate the guide easier.

Disclaimer: Any products with a * next to them have been kindly gifted to me or are affiliate links, however I have not been paid to promote them or give a positive review. Affiliate links mean I may earn commission however this is at no further cost to you.

First up: things that smell nice, make you smell nice or make you look good.

  • Lush Valentines Bath Bombs, this year Lush have made themed-bath bombs in the shapes of peaches and aubergines. They smell really good and are a cost-effective, funny gift for someone you haven’t been seeing very long.
  • A candle like this vegan and organic one from Newshome Candles*. I recommend these floral scented candles as a long-lasting alternative (36 hours, to be exact) to a bouquet of roses. 
  • A shampoo bar is a good option for the travel and eco-friendly person in your life, such as this rose one from procoal*. It reduces plastic usage and is great for travelling as it’s under 100g and so you can pop it in your carry on and honestly I was really impressed by how well it lathered and my hair felt squeaky clean after. You can use the link here* for 20% off!
  • Feather and Down* is one for the insomniac in your life, they do the cutest wash bag set which comes with everything you need to improve your sleep; lavender pillow spray, balm and a sleep mask. super cute. You can shop directly or through boots. 

Things You Can Eat or Drink

  • Botanical Gin* combines flowers and alcohol. What more could you want?
  • Chocolate, like these cool designs from abaissic. I love this Banksy inspired bar in particular.
  • Some coffee, tea or hot chocolate. I recommend this coffee* as it’s decaf and focused on taste, rather than getting that caffeine hit. So you can reduce your loved ones caffeine intake and give them a great tasting experience (I recommend the columbian blend*). You could also give them this cute cafetière* to accompany the ground coffee.  

Things That Help Them Help The World

  • These adorable socks that are themed depending on which endangered animal you want to support. Keep their feet and hearts warm! My favourite is the Sumatran elephant which you can find here.
  • A reusable water bottle/flask that is way better for the planet that buying bottled water or takeaway coffee cups. I have this chilly’s one, but various coffee companies offer their own branded options which can also get you some money off coffee at their shops.
  • Choose love is also a great way to give back. You can choose what you want to supply refugees and asylum seekers with, and pay accordingly.

Fourth is: things that help them 

  1. A Journal. I recommend a moleskin classic notebook*, but you could also opt for a personalised notebook. Give them somewhere to write about you, and their feelings! You can go for a red or a pink one to make it more ~romantic~. 
  2. Period stuff; some period pants*, a mooncup* or a subscription box 
  3. Glossier makeup, skincare or gift card – their skin will thank you! You can click here* for 10% off your first purchase. I recommend the balm dot com in rose as a perfect small valentines gift!

The Miscellaneous Section:

  • If your friend or sibling is feeling a bit lonely, you could buy them a bumble or tinder subscription. Help them find love, on the day of love. 
  • I think that it’s really important to make memories with your loved ones and so I think that paying for an experience or night out is a great alternative to a gift you can wrap. I recommend an escape room, a mini break in England or Europe, tickets to a concert or the theatre or even a spa day. 
  • Leading on from this, a booking.com gift card* is a great alternative to a mini break if you don’t know when they’re free to go, or where they’d want to go. It gives them more freedom but the sentiment is still the same – if you’d like some ideas you can read my Paris and Greece travel diaries here or here.

I hope this Valentines day gift guide gave you some ideas and inspo for next week, and I hope you all manage to spend at least some of the day with your loved ones!

Has this Valentines day gift guide helped you? Let me know below!

Bye for now!


  1. I love how you’ve included suggestions for gifts that help the planet. It’s so important and I wish more people thought of our dying planet with every purchase they make

  2. I love a shampoo bar 😀

    I don’t do valentines day presents with my partner anymore but we’ve been together for over a decade now and he still comes home with flowers when I don’t expect it.

    Great list.

    1. I agree! I think making memories is so important compared to a gift you might only use once. do you recommend yours? lemme know the brand – i’m thinking of doing a round up!

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