Booking A Holiday: A Step By Step Guide

Hey! Welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to be talking through all the things you should do, check & buy when planning a holiday. I know the majority of my audience will be going on their first holiday either solo or without their family and so I hope this helps with organising your trip – happy travels!

First up:

Choose the place. You may know exactly where you want to go since you were 11. Perhaps you googled ‘party islands in Europe’ and picked the cheapest place to fly to but either way, choose your destination! If you’re super indecisive then you could use easyjet’s ‘lucky’ feature where you enter dates, number of guests and your budget and it suggests accommodation & flights for the city you draw – you can also filter by ‘style’ of holiday.

Step 2:

Choose your people. Although some people will be going solo, lots of people will be going with their friends. I recommend make a group chat with the people that want a similar experience to you, have a similar budget and who can commit. I can promise you that a holiday to Magaluf will not go down well if one of your group wanted a cultural sight-seeing experience.

Step 3:

Budget. Find out what people are looking to spend and then start planning flights & accommodation. You may wish to do this as a package deal or separately. You could visit your local travel agent or you can browse sites such as AirBnB (if you book via my link, you get £25 travel credit!). SItes such as, Skyscanner or Kayak to help you find some accommodation and flights that fit your groups wants and needs. Make sure everyone is happy with the proposed cost before proceeding to step number 4…

Step 4:

Book the flights ASAP. Flights to Europe from the UK tend not to be majorly expensive. Give people a few weeks to gather the funds (usually <£100) and then book! This allows you to all commit to going and breaks up the amount you’re spending all in one go. Most importantly, it gives you something to look forward to! Make sure you also consider how you’re gonna get from the airport to your accommodation. Book your places on a train, bus or taxi.

Tip: When booking with budget airlines make sure you check the luggage allowances and pay extra for bags if needed. You don’t want to be caught out at the airport and have to pay out at the check in desk! You could also share a suitcase with a friend and split the extra baggage fee, if you both pack light enough!

Step 5:

Book the accommodation. If you’ve booked in a package deal then this should all be sorted, but otherwise you’ll need to decide where you want to stay. Do you want to be in an All Inclusive hotel? Self-catered apartment? Hostel? Decide as a group and then book as soon as everyone can. On sites such as you can generally find places which allow you to cancel for free and pay at the property if that’s easier for your group.

Step 6:

Travel insurance! Please do not forget this, it’ll cover you for cancellation and illness. As well as the other usual travelling worries such as lost luggage or medical bills. It’s not majorly expensive and you may be on a family policy already – if not, I would recommend (super easy to navigate & purchase the products). Book as soon as you can, so that if anything happens between now and the holiday, you’re covered. Make sure you have copies of this, alongside any other important documents (see: passport) when you go on holiday.

Step 6:

Itinerary. Depending on where you’re going you may want to plan or book things you especially want to do. You could make a joint Pinterest board for group inspiration or use a google document so that people can add on ideas for things to see. Make sure to book any experiences in good time so you don’t miss out.

Tip: I would recommend checking out the AirBnB experience section for where you’re going as you can find something for everyone at decent prices. You might discover something you didn’t even know you could do!

Step 7:

Get your currency! Check the exchange rates and when they’re good, exchange your money! You usually get better rates online. You can then just  go and collect your money from the nearest vendor when you need it. Just don’t wait until you’re in the airport to change your cash into the local currency because the rates are terrible!

Step 8:

Whenever it becomes available to do so (normally a few days in advance), check in on line. This saves lots of time & you can print out your boarding pass before you go. This is also a good time to make a list of things you need such as toiletries, clothing and any other bits and bobs and to make sure you have them!

Tip: for a stress free time, pack at least 24 hours in advance. Then you can just grab your bag and go to the airport when it’s time, and you’re much less likely to forget anything. For some packing tips, you can click here.

Step 9:

Arrive at the airport a few hours before your flight leaves. This gives you enough time to check your bags, go through security and then relax on the other side whilst browsing duty free and grabbing some food. Make sure you don’t forget anything important such as your insurance documents, passport, luggage or money.

Step 10:

Have fun! I hope you have the best time planning the holiday and then enjoying your time away with whoever you decide to go with, where ever you go!

I hope this was useful and you enjoyed reading it! Let me know if you have any good travel tips down below – bye for now!

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