New Year, Slightly Improved Me

hello! happy new year! today i’m going to be giving some tips on making some resolutions/deciding your 2019 goals. below are 9 tips for starting 2019 off great! let me know what your goals are in the comments or on instagram @jessrigg_

clear out your social media.

Go through the people you follow and unfollow anyone that doesn’t give you anything. if they make you feel rubbish about yourself or just don’t inspire you then click the unfollow button. also consider setting a timer so you can keep track of your social media usage. you can click here to view a post on my opinion on social media.


Put on some netflix in the background and tidy your space. change your bedsheets & make your bed. hang up all those clothes that are currently draped over a chair. re-arrange anything you have on your bedside table or desk. vacuum, dust & wipe everything down. you’ll feel better if your room is organised and looks fresh.

Set your intentions for the new year.

think about what you want to feel in 2019, as opposed to what you want to achieve materialistically. for example, if you want to loose weight or diet then instead focus on feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. eat things that nourish your body and eat them because you want to take care of yourself not just because you know you should. small changes in how you view your goals allow you to focus on the bigger picture and change your way of thinking instead of trying for a few weeks and giving up.

Reflect on the year gone by.

Think about what you achieved this year & how far you have come. what are somethings that you are proud of?

If you have any problem whatsoever, then let it out.

Talk to a friend, family member or stranger about any issues you are having and try to resolve them the best way you can. if they cannot be resolved then try to make peace with that and leave them in 2018. obviously this is not possible for each problem but seeking help is always the first step and i would encourage anyone to do so.

Try do something for you as often as you can in 2019.

Whether thats watching your favourite tv show, reading, having a bath or just sitting and meditating. do something that makes you happy. do something that you enjoy as frequently as you can. 2019 is the year of self-care.

Download some apps that you can use instead of social media, or to zone out.

If you feel yourself aimlessly scrolling then you could play a game (i like tsuki & spider solitaire) instead. it allows your brain to either work or switch off depending on what you’re looking for.

Don’t overthink your resolutions or set unrealistic goals.

Set small goals that you can reasonably achieve and you are much more likely to follow through. remember not to feel guilty if you break your resolution a few times. try to keep to it the best you can whilst still having a good time.

Try new things.

My resolution is to do at least one thing i’ve never done before every week, whether thats to try a new food, listen to a new song or visit a new place.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and i hope that it was useful in regards to making new years resolutions. bye for now!

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