Why I’m No Longer Buying From Topshop

hello and welcome to my blog! today i’m going to be writing about why i have decided to stop spending money at topshop.

i’m sure that over the past few weeks, you have seen the news that Philip Green has been named as ‘the harvey weinstein’ of england, with numerous accusations of bullying and sexual harassment.

there was also another scandal a few years ago regarding the BHS closure and the pensions of those who worked there (he sold the business so he didn’t have to pay them, then in the end was required by the pensions regulator to inject some cash into the pensions scheme, however the workers only got 88% of their promised pension).

philip green owns a retail group called arcadia, which means that topshop/topman, wallis, dorothy perkins/burton, miss selfridge, outfit and evans are all owned by him. I plan to no longer shop at any of them, and encourage you to do the same.

to me, the most disturbing thing that philip green has done was the ordering the dismantaling of a book promotion stand in the oxford street topshop, for scarlett curtis‘ book ‘feminists don’t wear pink (and other lies)’ due to it being ‘controversial‘. topshop then made a £25,000 donation to the charity ‘girl up’, which whilst generous seems like a meaningless token that their PR team thought would help.

this clearly shows that philip green only cares about women when he’s making money off of them, as so many of his stores’ demographic is women and yet he is a serial misogynist.

so, in conclusion, I ask you to join me in boycotting philip green and his business empire. you may love topshop and have your eye on some new boots but please, shop elsewhere (asos, for example, stocks a lot of nice products). it is only when we band together that change can be made. what is more important to you – fashion or feminism? I hope you choose the right answer. We can be feminists through our fashion choices, we should support women and not support men who bring them down and abuse their power to manipulate and use women.

i hope this blog post has made you think about the impact consumers can have – and what impact you want to have.

bye for now!



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