Discovering Selkie Sheffield

hello! today i’m going to be sharing a mini-haul from an dreamy new female-run brand – @selkiesheffield

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if you visit the website or instagram you’ll see delicate handmade pieces that are super instagram friendly.

firstly, i got the tallulah necklace from the debut collection. the conch shell is gold dipped and on a gold chain – the necklace gives me major beach vibes which means i can pretend it’s still summer and not, like, 4°c outside.

i also received some star-themed earrings which will be released mid-november as part of the winter collection. i absolutely adore these and have already worn them twice! there are also some similar earrings available now, like the dainty clam earrings.

scroll down to find some more pics of the jewellery or to find out more about the brand. i chatted with melissa, the founder of selkiesheffield about her inspirations and concept, which you can read more of about below…

Q: what is your favourite piece of jewellery that you own?

A: a necklace that my uncle made me, i wore it for 10 years before becoming anxious that i would lose it – and so don’t wear it anymore which is a shame. it has a 22k gold chain and a mother of pearl pendant.

Q: if you could choose one person to wear your jewellery, who would it be?

A: jeanne damas – her cool french girl vibes make her always look amazing and i can imagine her going from the beach to paris and the jewellery seeming equally fitting.

Q: what inspired you to start selkiesheffield?

A: i’d been making jewellery to wear myself for a while and received lots of compliments and interest about it, and so started making jewellery for others to wear as well.

Q: who are some of your favourite designers?

A: my favourite fashion brands are celine, rodarte, rouje, chanel & orla kiely. Jewellery wise – chupi & neinties.

Q: do any particular placed inspire you?

A: i would say turkey & greece. from holidaying there as a child, the evil eye charms have always fascinated me and i have had a greek shell for over 20 years now – it’s one of my most prized possessions! but otherwise, lakes, rivers, ponds & the sea. i think it’s the way they sparkle.

Q: how are your materials sourced?

A: i source them myself – the pearls are from indonesia and the shells are from thailand.

Q: and finally, what 3 words would you use to describe the brand?

A: romantic, earthy & enchanted.

i hope you enjoyed todays post! don’t forget to give them a follow on instagram and check out their website – see you soon!

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*disclaimer – these products were very kindly gifted to me


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